Translation Services

Hebrew Translation
Our team of translators specializes in various fields and is trained in numerous disciplines including history, Internet, technology, law, the humanities, media, politics and other professional and academic areas. Translation to Hebrew is done by native Hebrew speaker translators, whereas translation from Hebrew is done by a native speaker of the target language.
In addition to fast translation services we specialize in localization by target countries and offer editing,
proofreading, revision and improvement of your edited texts.
 Professional Translation
Professional translation is an art. and Trans-that provides you with your own personal artist. Our translators and editors have years of experience and the skills necessary to process texts and ideas fromone language to Hebrew and vice versaTrans-that’s clients operate in various commercial fields and include large companies, small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit groups, organizations, and individuals. The texts we translate and edit include, among others, websites, manuscripts, contracts, documents, films, advertisements, professional information, resumes, emails, and personal documents.
 Accurate Translation 
The evolution of online media and social networks has dramatically increased the need for fast and quality translation. When you need a considerably sized text accurately translated to or from Hebrew, web-based alternatives are not necessarily your best solution.
A computer program may be able to translate a word or a sentence, but it will do so with no attention to the essence of your text.Trans-that offers you the human touch that will retain the spirit of your text.