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Professional Translation Services for Translating Resumes – Because Nothing Can Take the Place of First ImpressionsEmployers usually require no more than a 10-second perusal of your resume to decide whether you merit an interview. Remember, you have only one chance to impress prospective employers, so you must make the very best of this chance!

It is hard to write a professional resume, even in your first language. Imagine how hard it can be to not only describe your skills in a foreign language but also stand out from all the other candidates.

You and your resume are a little like a business with a new product. In essence, even if you offer an excellent product to a market that needs it very much, if you do not market it properly, consumers will simply not buy it. The same principle is true of you and your resume. Even if you are an experienced worker, with many academic degrees and an impressive background, even if you are the right person for the job, if your resume is not professionally translated you may lose the chance of even getting an interview.

Remember that this is your personal marketing document and it should stand out for the right reasons. If you are searching for a new job overseas you would do well to have your resume professionally translated into the language of your target country.

ven if you are well versed in the language spoken, it is still a good idea to hire the services of a professional translator to help you write and translate your resume and cover letter. It can be a very challenging task because you can’t let yourself make even one mistake. You might think that you are perfectly capable of translating or writing your own resume, but this may lead to errors and inaccurate wording or grammar. In addition, professional translation services will provide you with a resume that will not only be easy to read but also follow unwritten rules adhered to locally.

All over the world, countries and nations differ in their perceptions of how resumes should be written and designed, so if you wish yours to be taken seriously you should pay attention to these unwritten rules. For example, in Germany it is not customary to fold your resume to fit the envelope. Rather, you must use a large envelope. Professional resume translation services will keep you informed of these aspects. You will receive not only a professional and precise translation of your resume but also additional information on various formats and conventions customary in the specific country where you are seeking employment

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2. Resume format for download

Your resume should clearly show how your personal skills and qualities will benefit potential employers. It should reflect accurate contents with the aim of “marketing” you effectively to your prospective employer. So in order to avoid unforgivable mistakes and in order to produce a resume with a professional look, proper grammar, and suitable language, put your ego aside and contact us today.