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  • During my function as a producer of the project " Through Theater ," I needed to translate a "program" and a complicated play to 5 Languages: English , French , Spanish , Russian and Amharic
    I continue to work with Trans-That continuously , and warmly recommend about the company team for all types of translations , from the translation of one page to the translation of the complete play and etc.

    Sigal S
    Sigal S
  • I was pleased to discover high level of service with the company : the immediate availability and reasonable prices.
    We did number of projects in my full satisfaction.
    I intend to continue with Trans-That company.
    Moore Schlosser

    Moore Schlosser
    Moore Schlosser
    Marketing manager at Erica Carmel Limited
  • To whom it may concern,
    I would like to recommend the company as a supplier Trans -That language translations.
    I would like to thank you for your service and your excellent attitude.
    Look forward to continuing a fruitful and successful work!
    Strongly recommends you ! Go forth and succeed!
    Ayelet Baruch
    The Jewish Agency

    Ayelet Baruch
    Ayelet Baruch
    The Jewish Agency
  • If you're trying to decide how to choose a translation company , we would like to recommend the Trans - That translation services .
    We will be happy to continue working with the Trans - That translation services, and will ensure to praise her for service , accuracy and quality

    Svetlana Reingold
    Svetlana Reingold
    Museum curator Mane - Katz
  • Trans - That translation services made for us medical Translations for our company.
    We want to express our gratitude for your great service and fast-paced that you give us .
    We appreciate the professionalism , reliability and punctuality

    Manny Rubinov, Director General
    Manny Rubinov, Director General
    Israeli Express Medical Ltd.
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